#MakeNine 2020

Happy 2020!! I hope you’re having a good year so far! I’ve definitely been easing myself in gradually. I’m trying not to put pressure on myself to achieve too much too soon and bring on a burn out before we’ve even got going. At least that’s my reasoning for all of those Netflix binges and cups of tea! But anyway, I digress…


One thing I do have coming up soon is my first post about a home-sewn piece! I love vintage but there’s something so special about wearing an item you’ve made youself. So watch out for that coming up later in the month! But in the spirit of easing ourselves in gently, let’s start off with some sewing goals for the coming year.

Have you ever heard of the Make Nine Challenge? I came across it within the sewing community but it’s something that is popular with all kids of crafters and makers. It’s exactly what it sounds like: simply choose nine things you wish to make in the year ahead. Follow the hashtag #makenine2020 and get inspired! Here are my picks:

1. The Amelie dress by Untitled Thoughts

This one may alread be in the pipeline! It just screams spring to me so hopefully it will be done and dusted before the end of winter. I’m slightly dreading all those buttonholes but I think it will be worth it in the end.

2. The Vega skirt by Slow Sunday Paris

I’ve been meaning to make a Sixties mini skirt since forever and this one really has that vibe to me. It’s such a classic shape that you can’t really go wrong! I think it would look great in a bold block colour or a jacquard would be dreamy for the winter months.

3. New Look 6107 pussy bow blouse


Another really classic silhouette here. I haven’t sewn that many blouses – or tops of any kind for that matter. I’m not sure what I’m so scared of but that needs to change! This one (letter A) looks like a bit of a challenge but I know I would get a lot of wear out of it. I found this pattern in my stash and I really want to make the most of it, as it has some really versatile, wearable styles. I’ve made the pencil skirt several times and I wouldn’t say no to another one!




4 The Ogden cami by True Bias

This one is so simple but so stylish. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this pattern! I’d love to try adding some scallops along the neckline as in the image on the right (which is actually a Topshop design).

5. McCalls M7948 tiered dress

I was rather inspired by THAT Zara dress last summer. The reason it became so popular is just how practical it is. A long, floaty tiered dress then is surely a wardrobe staple! That’s the logic behind this choice at least. Not sure I’d go as far as choosing a polka dot fabric to make it in, but watch this space…

6. The Manzanilla dress by Aime comme Marie


I’m already wondering whether this one might be a slightly ambitious choice, purely due to the fact that the pattern is written in French. Although my French is pas mal, technical sewing vocabulary is perhaps a step too far. But those seam lines are just too beautiful to leave this pattern off my list! And it comes with a knitting pattern for a cute jumper to go on top! Que demander de plus ?


7. The Evie bias skirt by Tessuti patterns

So, full disclosure, I have actually made this skirt before. It may even make an appearance very soon on these pages! But I already know want to make it again this year. It was probably the fastest thing I’ve ever made. It’s an incredibly easy sew. And just look at the way the fabric drapes. It’s a cut I’ve seen a lot on the high street (including in this look on the right by H&M) so it’s very of the moment, as well as just being super stylish. It’s bloody perfect!

8. Simplicity 8019 70s skirt

This pattern was really a no-brainer. You would have to have been living under a rock to have missed this style trending over the past few seasons. It’s feminine yet casual, a balance which can be hard to strike, and one that just looks effortless. Although looking at all those buttons, I’m not sure it will be as easy-breezy to sew as it is to wear!

9. The Guise trousers by Papercut Patterns

I was drawn to these as soon as I saw them. They just seem like they’d be so comfortable to wear but still look like you’ve made an effort, i.e. perfect for the office! Perhaps in a tweed, a tartan or a houndstooth check? If I manage these ones, I’d love a pair with a paperbag waistband too, but, as I said, I’m trying not to get ahead of myself this year! I’ll concentrate on these ones for now.


That’s all folks! What do you think of my choice of patterns? Do you have any lined up for 2020? I’d love to hear your ideas!


Alice xx

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